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Leagueline, the official publication of ALNNJ, is a high-quality newsletter distributed quarterly to over 540 members of the local architectural community.

Editors: Anthony Iovino, Fay W. Logan, Paul S. Bryan, Steven Lazarus, Todd Hause,
Eric Lam

Leagueline welcomes volunteers interested in assisting our team!  Planning meetings are held on a quarterly basis. Contact us for details. 

If you are interested in purchasing an ad, contact:  Fay Logan, AIA

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Leagueline offers a 10% discount for a one-year (four-issue) advertising

2020 Leagueline Issues

1Q – Positioning Your Firm for Transition
2Q – Are You Sustainable?
3Q – Architects’ Lives in Coronavirus Times
4Q – My Summer 2020

2019 Leagueline Issues

1Q – Architectural Security
2Q – Technology is Changing the Way We Deliver Architecture
3Q – I Am EPiC: AIA New Jersey’s Emerging Professionals Community
4Q – Ted Kessler Walking Tours: Years 6-13

2018 Leagueline Issues

1Q – Downtown Redevelopment in New Jersey
2Q – The Architects League Celebrates Our 90th Anniversary
3Q – Paths to Becoming a Licensed Architect
4Q – What We Do, What ELSE We Do!

2017 Leagueline Issues

1Q – Education of an Architect
2Q – Get Involved
3Q – Summer Day Trips for Architects
4Q – What We Do: 6

2016 Leagueline Issues

1Q – The Architects League Visits Turkey
2Q – New Jersey Transitions to the New Codes
3Q – Cyber Security and You
4Q – Architecture On My eye-Phone

2015 Leagueline Issues

1Q – History of the Architects League
2Q – In the Line of Fire – NJ Building Codes
3Q – Tribute to Michael Graves, FAIA
4Q – What We Do: 5 

2014 Leagueline Issues

1Q – Voices of Diversity
2Q – Managing Risk and Your Professional Liability Policy
3Q – AIA NJ Ambassador Tour to Cuba
4Q – Architecture: Everywhere I Look

2013 Leagueline Issues

1Q – Hurricane Sandy and preparing for future storms
2Q – Celebrating 10 years of our Leagueline
3Q – Repositioning AIA
4Q – What We Do: 4

2012 Leagueline Issues

1Q – Endangered Icons – preserving modern architecture
2Q – The Architects League of Northern New Jersey – who we are
3Q – Member Perspectives
4Q – A History of the Ted Kessler Walking Tours 

2011 Leagueline Issues

1Q – Emerging Professionals/Emerging Technologies
2Q – Capturing the Value in Solar Renewable Energy Projects
3Q – Boomers Out – Millennials In
4Q – Architects League Summer Photo Contest

2010 Leagueline Issues

1Q – What I Learned After Architecture School
2Q – Update on Regulatory Issues
4Q – New Ideas in Tough Times

2009 Leagueline Issues

1Q – The Education of an Architect
2Q – Grassroots Initiatives and Intellectual Property Rights
3Q – Economic ups, downs, twists and turns are nothing new
4Q – What We Do: 3  Our members’ work

2008 Leagueline Issues

1Q – Sustainability
2Q – Law and Order in New Jersey
3Q – CEU’s – Getting and Staying Licensed
4Q – Shades of Green

2007 Leagueline Issues

1Q – Celebrating the Past, Designing the Future
2Q – Public Strategies, Legislative Affairs and the Architects Voice
3Q – Developing Professional Marketing Skills
4Q – What We Do: 2

2006 Leagueline Issues

1Q – How The Architects League of Northern New Jersey Works for You
2Q – The Business of Architecture
3Q – Recent Action in Codes and Legislation Affecting Architects in NJ
4Q – What and How We See

2005 Leagueline Issues

2Q – Technology: Innovations in Design, Fabrication, and Construction Methods
3Q – Legislation: Pending New Jersey Legislation and how it affects the way we do business
4Q – What We Do: This issue highlights the work of our members