November Member Meeting

Arthur Davis Lecture

6pm, Thursday, November 17, 2022

at NJIT Hillier College of Architecture and Design

Building Resilient Futures with Biomimicry

Presentation by Dr. Jamie Miller


Learning Objectives:

  1. Fundamentals of biomimicry application
  2. It’s practical usage in architecture (how to work with nature to reduce costs)
  3. An understanding of ecological resilience as it applies to urban infrastructure

There is no greater model of sustainable design than that of nature. And there is no more comprehensive tool for harnessing this genius than through the philosophy of biomimicry. Biomimicry is innovation that is inspired by nature. It is an invitation to draw on the time-tested genius of the natural world to solve today’s biggest problems. Whether that copying the bumps of a humpback whale fin to inspire more efficient turbine blades or learning from a forest to build circular economies, there are endless examples in nature’s forms, processes, and systems to draw from that will teach us how to thrive on this planet. In this lecture, we will explore the ways in which humans have differentiated themselves from the rest of the natural world and the key assumptions that have been conserved over the last several hundred years that have led us to the wicked problems that we face today. We will also explore the ways in which biomimicry (a new term for an old idea) is dramatically reshaping the landscape of how we think, behave, and create, towards greater harmony with the natural world.

Speaker Bio

Dr. Jamie Miller is the Director of Biomimicry at B+H Architects. He is also the President of Biomimicry Frontiers (an award-winning consultancy) and the Founder of the Biomimicry Commons, an incubator and education platform that Fast Company named a 2019, “World Changing Idea”. Jamie holds a PhD in engineering, which focused on systems-level biomimicry and urban resilience. He was the Director of OCAD University’s Biomimicry Program and has been a leader in the field since 2004. Jamie continues to work with Indigenous Elders and the leaders in the field of biomimicry to deepen his understanding of the principles of biomimicry while focusing on its practical application. His mission is to see one billion biomimics shift the system towards greater harmony with the natural world.

4:30 pm
Board Meetingat AIA Room

6:00 pm
Reception and food servicesat Elly’s Loft

7:00 pm
Presentationat the gallery

NJIT Hillier College of Architecture and DesignWeston Hall
Newark, NJ 07102(367 Dr Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Newark, NJ 07102)
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