Working with an AIA Architect

There are few things more satisfying than a successful design project. The secret to success lies in the professional, business, and personal relationships between owner and architect.

Experience tells us that successful projects—those that achieve the desired results for owners, users, and architects—result from informed clients working with skilled architects to form professional, business, and often personal relationships. These relationships are formed early on and are nourished by clear communication, mutually understood expectations, and a willingness of both client and architect to understand and accept their responsibilities for realizing a successful project.

Building in today’s marketplace is a complex undertaking requiring many different products and skills. Your architect understands the complexities and works with you to design an appropriate response to your requirements. In turn, your architect works in your interest within the building industry and can help you greatly to transform the design into a wonderful building.

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Architects play a vital role in the everyday lives of society. Their unique perspective and approach to their work should inspire us all.  Click here to view AIA’s Look Up campaign.