Emerging Professionals (EPiC)

Chairperson:  Kurt Vierheilig, AIA

Section Director between EPiC and ALNNJ Board:  Grace Friedhoff, AIA
Member: Ryan Moran, AIA

NEW AXP GUIDELINES NOW IN EFFECT:  The Architectural Experience Program (AXP) no longer requires elective hours, reducing the total hours needed to complete the AXP by almost a third. More information about changes to the AXP can be found on NCARB’s website including an updated version of the AXP Guidelines.

The Emerging Professionals Committee (EPiC) strives to be the source of information, education, networking, and community service for the emerging professionals within the architecture profession. Emerging professionals (EP’s) are defined as college students obtaining their Bachelor of Architecture degree, Associate AIA members, ARE candidates and licensed architects up to ten years. EPiC has both a state and section component with “At-Large Directors” serving at the state level for Education, Community and Advocacy while “Section Directors” work closely with each of the six New Jersey AIA sections to create events for the EP’s and enrich their AIA membership.  Seen as an introduction to the AIA, its events, and its resources, EPiC provides many similar activities geared towards the EP’s. Events such as the annual Mini Golf Outing, pairs EP’s with others their age, AIA members, and architectural vendors to forge relationships that will last throughout their profession. Other events such as the brewery tours, wine and paint events, buildings tours, or bowling nights, aim to create a different kind of networking and socialization. Moving forward, EPiC is creating local advocacy events to help mold young leaders and their communities. The organization will also provide resources to tackle the ARE’s as well as collegiate events to introduce EP’s to the architectural work environment.

NEW GRADUATES:  Join us at the American Institute of Architects when you graduate and receive complimentary membership for up to 18 months, plus free Convention registration. Some restrictions apply.  Go to www.aia.org/join_grad to learn more.

A.R.E. CANDIDATES:  In an effort to support recent architecture graduates and their goal of licensure, AIA has teamed up with Black Spectacles, an online learning company for architecture and design, to offer a better way for emerging professionals to prepare for the Architect Registration Exam (A.R.E.). Learn more here.


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